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This page contains answers to frequently asked questions about Autoenrol Students From IS MU.

Why haven’t any students enrolled by IS enrollment?


I want to use Autoenrol Students From IS MU method. I have correctly filled in the IS course code and other necessary data in the ELF course and saved settings. However, no students were enrolled in the course.

Autoenrol Students From IS MU does not take place immediately after saving the course settings, it is being completed during regular system intervals - approximately every 20 minutes.

Students will be therefore enrolled in the course within 20 minutes since saving new parameters.

Data in the IS and in the ELF do not match


I have set up automatic enrolment according to IS MU in my course. However, the list of students enrolled in the course in ELF does not match the data in the Information System.

According to our experience with use of automatic enrolment, the differences in enrolment might be related to the following two options: - Wrong IS course code: In the absolute majority of cases, differences in entries between IS and ELF are caused by using the wrong code (e.g., inserting a code from a different period, inserting a code from a different course I teach, etc.). Please check carefully the course code settings and make sure that they match the selected course and the selected academic period.
- The timeliness of the data in ELF: The timeliness of the data in the ELF may cause minor differences in the entries. The enrolment data in the Information System is not updated in ELF continuously, but only twice a day (for technical reasons) - once in the early morning and once more in the early afternoon. The data in the ELF may therefore be delayed compared to the IS - but not more than 12 hours. During the registration and enrolment period, students who register/enrol in a course in IS in the morning will be automatically enrolled in the ELF course with a slight delay (i.e. in the afternoon) after closest data synchronization. Similar, students who will register/enrol in a course in later afternoon will be enrolled in the ELF course early in the morning.

Why does ELF delete my manually created course groups?


I manually created several groups and assigned students to them. When I returned to the course after a while, I did not see these groups. It seems that ELF repeatedly deletes them.

ELF automatically deletes manually created groups if Autoenrol Students From IS MU (1) is enabled in your course in your course (Settings/Course Management/Modify settings). This also applies if you have selected “Do not create groups” in the “Create groups in course” field in the Autoenrol Students From IS MU settings (2). If you need to enrol students by IS, but create groups manually in the course, proceed as follows: 1. Set up Autoenrol Students From IS MU in the course settings - make sure you enter the correct code(s). 2. Wait for the students to enrol in the ELF course (approx. 20 min). 3. Check that you have the required students enrolled in the course. 4. Turn off automatic enrolment (set the option “Autoenrol Students From IS MU” to “NO” (3)). 5. Create the desired groups in the Groups Settings and assign students to them.


You can turn off Autoenrol Students From IS MU in the course settings as described above. However, do not remove the enrolment method as such (on the Settings/Course Administration/Users/Enrolment Methods page), otherwise you will also remove all students enrolled by this method (i.e. automatically by IS) from the course.

Fig. 1: Turning off automatic enrolment

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Why is the upcoming period not showing up in my auto enrolment settings?


I want to set up automatic enrolment for the upcoming semester, but the “Enrolment Period” drop-down menu does not contain this semester.

Automatic enrolment for the period has not yet been enabled by the system administrator. Enabling automatic enrolment for the upcoming term usually occurs ten days to a week before the term begins. So just wait until it is enabled.

Automatic enrolment by IS can only be configured for one term at a time. Therefore, it is necessary to wait until the end of the semester and the subsequent exam period before switching to automatic enrolment for the following semester.