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Automated course transfer

As part of the current ELF lifecycle, each year you need to transfer the courses you want to use in that period to the current version of ELF.

How to transfer a course from an older version of ELF

Follow steps below in the new version of ELF to which you want to transfer the courses.

  1. Click the Import course button at the top of the page. Select the tab with the period you want to transfer the course from and enter (part of the) name of the course you want to transfer in the search box. You can use either a long or short course name.

    Find available courses to transfer

    Which courses can you transfer?

    You can transfer your courses from earlier periods in which you are enrolled with the Teacher role. Each course can only be transferred to a given version once – if there is more than one teacher in a course, only one of them transfers it by internal agreement.

  2. You will be presented with a list of courses that match the query. Select the ones you want to transfer to the new installation and click Import.

    Select which courses you want to transfer

  3. The selected courses will be queued for transfer. You can go back (link Back to selection) and add more courses to the queue.

    The transfer continues in the background and requires no further action on your part. You can log out of ELF or continue working with other courses.

  4. Once the transfer is complete, the courses will be shown on the ELF front page. You can then enroll students and any additional instructors in the course.

What if your course has not transferred?

Courses that have been submitted for transfer will usually be available in the new version of ELF within a few minutes. Larger courses may take longer to transfer. For some courses the transfer may fail, in these cases ELF User Support will help you with the transfer.

You can check the status of your course transfer on the Issued transfers page.

Checking the status of entered transfers
What does each status mean?

The page shows for each course what the status of its conversion is and whether there was an error in the conversion.

Status Meaning
Added Course has been queued and is waiting to be transferred.
in progress A copy of the course is being created in a new installation.
Error Course transfer failed. The system will try again at the earliest opportunity.
Finished A copy of the course has been created in the new installation and is ready to use.

What exactly is Error status?

Error status indicates that the transfer process has failed at some stage. This can have several different causes and the system will try to fix the most common ones by trying to transfer the course again later. Therefore, an error condition alone does not necessarily mean that the course will fail to transfer.

If you get Error status for a course, please wait until the next day, and if the transfer still does not take place, contact user support. The ELF User Support will help you resolve the issue.

Contact Support


When can I transfer my courses?

You can transfer courses throughout the academic year, from the time a new version of ELF is made available (during the summer holidays) until it is switched to the archived version (shortly after the start of the next academic year). You will also always be notified directly in ELF when the course transfer option is activated.

Some content is not displayed in the transferred course.

Courses are automatically transferred without user data (i.e. data about learners, their activities, submitted assignments, grades, etc.). User data includes discussion board posts, database entries, etc. Therefore, this type of content is not preserved in the transfer. If you need to keep this type of content for some modules, please contact ELF User Support and we will help you with the transfer.

In the case of the Database module, you can also transfer records using export records

I can’t find the old course

If your course does not appear in the search results, please check

  • that you are enrolled in the original course with the role of Teacher,
  • that you are searching for the original course in the correct time period (toggled using the tabs above the search box),
  • whether you are entering the name of the original course correctly (watch out for extra spaces at the beginning of the name, for example)

Do I need to re-enrol users in the course?

You need to re-enrol learners and any additional teachers in the transferred course. We recommend using automatic enrolment according to IS MU for enrolling learners, and manual-enrolment for enrolling teachers.

How can I copy a course within a term

To create a copy of a course within a single term (for example, a copy of a fall course for the spring semester), you can use the activity import.

How long will older versions of my courses be available?

Older versions of your courses will be available to you and original learners for 5 years. So there is no need to preemptively transfer courses every year unless you plan to actually use them.